How to Make Money with Recipe Guides

How to make money creating recipe guides

If you are a cooking enthusiast and want to make some money in a fast and easy manner, one of the things that you could do is sell your recipes online. From pies to tarts and even the basic meatloaf recipe, the Internet is a perfect place to make some money while staying at home. In this article we take a look at some of the top ways in which you can make money by creating recipe guides.

Recipe Guides

1. Content is King

: If you are creating a recipe guide, it goes without saying that what you put on paper is the most crucial aspect of your work. In order to make the perfect recipe guide, ensure that you add bullet points as and when needed. So, for instance, if we are talking about meatloafs, it is a good idea to include the measurements in a separate section and the basic steps in another. Furthermore, if you want to make sure that your guide makes the maximum amount of money, you could provide different standards of measurements. Naturally, a meatloaf for 4 will have different requirements than a meatloaf for 2. Include these finer points and watch as your recipe guides sell like hot cakes.

2. Adding Illustrations and Videos

Since this is the age of video marketing, you could add a few demo videos that are relevant to your recipe. Creating food is as much about presentation as it is about taste. Keeping this is in mind, it is a good idea to include some well shot pictures that can help the reader get an idea of the recipe. Overall, the recipe guide that you create must have pictures and writing in a decent, comprehensible proportion. Here is a great example of a demo video:

3. Fixing the Price

When it comes to making money by selling recipes, there are some things that you should keep your eye out for. The overall look of your guide is as important as the matter that is included in the pages. Moreover, if you are dealing with recipes that are homemade and carry with them a festive feel or a simple homely charm; it is a good idea to include some sort of story with the recipe. This is instrumental in ensuring that you bridge the gap between the seller and the consumer. Since we are dealing with recipes here, a few good memories, pictures and stories will go a long way in building your reputation and brand value. Overall, when it comes to selling recipe guides making sure that you craft your recipes in an appealing manner is crucial if you want to maximise profits.